Easily generate the app icons and splash screens needed for PhoneGap/Cordova based projects, and hence also Ionic, XDK, Telerik and other tools using Cordova. It's optimized for use with PhoneGap Build and PhoneGap Build Tutorial.

Upload a square app icon and an optional splash screen background in a high resolution bit image format, but preferably PNG.

Images are generated for , , and , in portrait and optionally , in folders for easy access from config.xml.

Choose an icon to upload (preferably >= 1024 pixels, exactly square).

Choose an optional splash screen background to upload (preferably >= 1024 pixels).

(morphs the splash screen to fill the screen)
(the app icon will overlay the splash screen)
App icon ratio: % (sets the coverage ratio, retaining aspect ratio)


Recently added:

  • Creation of a 1024 by 1024 icon to be uploaded with the app (new requirement from Apple)
  • Icons for App Store are no longer transparent even if the original image was, so they can be directly used; transparency is replaced by white
  • File names have been further firmed up to comply with Cordova, Apple and Google requirements

Changes are reflected by the images created and the config.xml snippet, and the changes have been verified end-to-end.