Cordova Image Generator

Easily generate image assets for Cordova-based projects

Cordova Tools

This handy tool generates icons and splash screens for Cordova and development tools based on Cordova, like VoltBuilder, Ionic, Monaca etc.

Upload a preferably square app icon and an optional splash screen background in a high resolution bit image format, but preferably PNG, each less than 16 megapixels. Both images can have transparency/alpha. Meta formats like PSD, EPS, PDF, AI, XCF or WebP are not supported at this time.

Images are generated for , , and , in portrait and optionally , in folders for easy access from config.xml.

Choose an icon to upload:

Choose an optional splash screen background to upload:

...or choose a background color: (as per CSS: #rrggbbaa/#rgb, rgba()/hsb()/hsl(), color name)

Fit type: (how to fit the splash screen; Fit and Fill retain aspect ratio)
(the app icon will overlay the splash screen)
App icon ratio: % (sets the coverage ratio, retaining aspect ratio)


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